What if I'm Roman Catholic?

Many of the couples who contact me are Roman Catholic, but for whatever reason do Not want to get married in the Church. There are a number of reasons: Some couples want an Outdoor Wedding, some want a Custom Ceremony. Then there are those who want to get married in the Church, but can't: There are those who are divorced, but don't want an Annulment because they have children or may not belong to a specific Parish.

The most common question I get is: If I perform your wedding ceremony, will it be recognized by the Roman Catholic Church?

The answer is: Yes, but your Parish Priest may require a Convalidation.

I am a fully Ordained Catholic Priest (Reformed, not Roman) and and as such, have the same Apostolic Succession (Lineage) as 99% of the Roman Catholic Priest around the world, and can perform any & all Sacraments.  I have even concelebrated on the Alter with Roman Catholic priests.

After the ceremony, if you so desire, you can join any Roman Catholic Parish you wish to, including going back to your current one. Most Roman Catholic Priests will accept the marriage with no questions, however, some Parish Priests may want to Bless your marriage before openly accepting it within the parish.

This Blessing is NOT to solemnize the Marriage (I would have already done that & they must accept it legally) but simply to have the union officially recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. In technical terms, it’s known as a Convalidation. If your Parish Priest requires it, it’s simply a short Blessing over the married couple, and a fee which the Parish Priest will charge.