Unus Deus, is first and foremost, an Outreach Ministry serving the Greater Taunton Area. To achieve this mission, we specialize in Weddings, Civil Ceremonies, Funerals and Dedications.

<Here are some of the Taunton Area Events we've been involved with>

Teen Summer Fair      Programs      Anti-Violence Vigil
Operation: Outreach (Ride-a-Long Program)    Church_in_Park    Silver City Teen Center


The Ministry  <

The mission of Unus Deus is to provide pastoral support for the community at large. This includes helping with the creation of a local Teen Center and the cities At-Risk Youth, collecting donations and supporting the area's homeless, working with area churches for the distribution of food for the hungry and working with the city police, helping to reducing drug abuse, gun violence and gang proliferation. We also provide emergency response during civic disasters working as TEMA Members. All handled on a volunteer basis. The RCCI (Reformed Catholic Church Intl.) is a Benedictine Order committed to a Spiritual Life and Service to the children of God. An Order of Ministries, not defined by the presence or absence of parishes, but by the work we do in the community.

Unus Deus Ministries is supported solely through Donations: Weddings, Civil Unions, Donations  and other various services allow us to support the community. It is also supported through the Sales of our eBay & Amazon stores. You can visit us Online stores at:

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Please Visit & Support the Ministry by making purchases from our stores. Or, if you would like to help the Ministry by making a Donation of any amount, it would be sincerely appreciated. Just click on the "DONATE" link below. Thank You.

Please let me know if you would like a Special Prayer for yourself or a loved one.

Reverend Father Lenny Nelson  >

Father Lenny, is the Spiritual Director of Unus Deus Ministries. he is a fully Ordained Interfaith Minister as well as an Ordained Reformed Catholic Priest, associated with the Reformed Catholic Church International, New England Dioceses. He is a member of the GTACA, (Greater Taunton Area Clergy Association), Co-Founder of SSTC (Silver City Teen Center) and a member of TEMA (Taunton Emergency Management Association).

Father Lenny is also Chaplain for the Taunton Police Department and an Officer (Chaplain) in the King David Masonic Lodge, where he was raised to the sublime degree of 3rd Degree Master Mason. He is currently a 32nd Degree Mason within the Scottish Rite.

For information about Freemasonry and the Church, click here: FREEMASONRY

Father Lenny received his spiritual calling and became an ordained Minister in 2004. After providing sacerdotal services to the community, he was invited to join the Reformed Catholic Church Intl., went through Formation, and was Incardinated as a full Priest. You can view Father Lenny's Incardination by clicking here: INCARDINATION.


Reformed Catholic Church International, New England Dioceses

Taunton Emergency Management Agency

Taunton Police Department

Massachusetts Freemasons  (King David Lodge, Taunton, MA)

Greater Taunton Area Clergy Association