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Finding a Wedding Officiant; someone you connect with, feel comfortable with and trust, with one of the most important moments of your life,  can be a daunting task. This is especially true if you're looking for clergy to perform your ceremony and either don't have a Minister, are not from the area, or perhaps have "issues" with the church. Most Ministers won't leave their churches to perform a ceremony, won't help couples who are not members of their own congregation, or feel that having the ceremony take place outside of a Sanctuary, is somehow wrong. NOT ME!! :-)

The only thing I care about, is YOUR Happiness!!! I've also been happily Married to my High School Sweetheart for 39 years, so I know what it takes to maintain a happy marriage.

 As a Reformed Catholic Priest and Interfaith Minister, I can help you create the ceremony of your dreams and can do it anywhere in MA, RI, CT, NH, VT & ME.  Your ceremony can be anything YOU want it to be, from simple and traditional, to complex and elaborate, AND at a location of YOUR choosing; Beaches, Lighthouses, Churches, Banquet Halls, a Park or Garden, even in your own home, or mine, be it sunrise, sunset or anywhere in between! I will write and perform any type of Wedding Ceremony or Civil Union you desire, regardless of Religion, Faith or Orientation!

I also Marry Couples from Out-of-State, who come into MA just to get married. Everything can be handled via Phone, Conference Call and even Facetime/Skype. So if you live anywhere in the world, and want to come to MA to get married, I can take care of it for you!

Your Ceremony can be 5 minutes in your own back yard or a 55 minute Mass in your church and everything in between. There are a number of options you can choose including: Unity Candles, a Sand Ceremony, Rose Ceremony, Handfasting Ceremony, Jumping the Broom, a Coin Ceremony, God's Knot Ceremony, Cord & Veil Ceremony, a Wine Ceremony, just to name a few. If you would like to see some of the options and what they look like, please visit my Pinterest site and take a look at all the photos. As always, if you have any questions, please just ask.


So Why Choose me?: Well First, unlike other Officiants, I don't use "canned" ceremonies! After a conversation with you and your fiancÚ, I will write a special ceremony, just for you! It will be the ceremony you've always dreamed of, and be custom tailored to your individual personalities. Or, if you're the adventurous type, I can help YOU write your own ceremony, and happily perform it for you.

I will also work with your Photographer to ensure you get the photos you want. Unlike most Officiants, I allow Photographers Unrestricted Access to the Ceremony. They may use their flash, move around during the ceremony and get close-up shots, ensuring they get that Perfect Photo.

Also, once I become your Officiant, I will be available to you 24x7 for any issues, concerns or questions you may have. Not only prior to the wedding, but anytime after your Wedding as well. I still work with couples I married years ago.

And, Unlike a JP or Internet Minster, I will maintain your records and paperwork should you ever need them.

Finally, when you are Blessed with Children, I will be honored to perform their Baptisms, Christenings or Dedications.

                                     ** Typical Questions **

Typically there are a lot of questions such as: What do I have to do to get married?, Where do I get a License?, How long is it good for?, Do I need a Blood test?, How do I get a copy of the Marriage Certificate after the Wedding?, We're a Same Sex couple will you marry us? We're both Roman Catholic but want to get married outside the Church, will my Parish Priest recognize it?  and so on. Those answers are in the links below:

- How do I proceed, What do I do Next?  

- Marriage Laws in MA

- Same Sex Marriages (Now Legal in MA)

- Roman Catholic Couples getting Married Outside the Church    

- MA Town Hall  Listings

Retainers, Honorariums & Fees

New England Weddings & Civil Unions

Our minimum honorarium (Fee) for any wedding ceremony is $490.00. Payments can be made in Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit Card, PayPal Oor with Prior Approval, the occasional Side of Beef (dressed and packaged of course). Please note: A $100.00 deposit is required at the initial consult to lock in your Wedding date. The balance of the Honorarium can paid at anytime, between the Initial Consult and the Wedding Day. If you'd like, Payments can be made online, directly thru this webpage; (simply click on the link below and select either Deposit or Wedding and enter the amount of your Payment. Type in your info). I can also take Credit Card payments, right over the phone, whatever is easiest for you!

Telephone calls and e-Mails from the Bride and Groom, with questions about their wedding, are welcomed anytime! (From before the initial consult, throughout the process and even after the Wedding). At least one Face-to-Face meeting is encouraged when possible.

Note: If there is a financial hardship, or other factors have occurred, affecting your ability to retain an Officiant, please let me know.  We can make arrangements, to ensure everyone's happiness.

All Fees and Amenities are Required to be paid in Full, (14) Days BEFORE the Wedding Date. 

Please Note: Weddings on a Holiday may incur additional costs.

Wedding Honorarium: $490.00

Same Sex Honorarium: $490.00

Vow Renewal Honorarium: $390.00

Pre-Cana/Pre-Marital Honorarium: $250.00

Rehearsals: $100.00 (Additional)

Travel Costs: $ 1.00 per Mile, One Way (only if >30 Miles)

Baptisms, Christenings, Dedications: $100.00

House Blessings: $100.00 (Includes ALL Pets & Travel Fees)



     The Ministry requires a $100.00 Retainer/Deposit, at the time of the Initial Consult, to secure the time and date of your wedding, as well as maintain your marriage records in the Church Archives.

Note: Because the initial Deposit is used to lock in your wedding date, cover the time required to write your Ceremony, cover any travel or meetings with the couple, Photoraplers, Coordinators or Venues, the Deposit is Non-Refundable once the Ceremony has been Written. However, any payments made after the $100.00 Deposit, are fully refundable, as long as the Minister is notified at least 30 days in advance of the Wedding Date.

The Balance can be paid at anytime, but MUST be paid in full  (14) days BEFORE the Wedding.    


Deposit Fee:  $100.00

Payment Options

Please click the "Friend & Family" button to avoid PayPal fees


     Rev. Fr. Lenny will happily participate in any rehearsals prior to a wedding day; however, due to the additional time commitment and travel expenses involved, there is an additional fee of $100.00. This fee is also required because Fr. Lenny is giving up a potential wedding date, to be at the Rehearsal.  If you have a Wedding Coordinator, it is usually NOT necessary for Fr. Lenny to do the Rehearsal, since most of what will be discussed during the rehearsal, will already have been discussed. So, if you have a coordinator, Fr. Lenny would rather you save the $100.00 and use it for your honeymoon! HOWEVER, if you decide you WANT Fr. Lenny at your Rehersal.... He Will Be There! :-)

Dinner Blessings

     Fr. Lenny will be honored to Perform a Dinner Blessing, Specially written and personalized for you & your guests, at the Reception; Typically, the Dinner occurs  2+ hours, after the ceremony, therefore an additional  fee of $50.00 is required, to cover the additional time commitments. However, there is no need to provide an addition meal for the Fr. Lenny or his wife.

The License

     Please provide the Marriage License to Fr. Lenny at the Rehearsal, or if there is no rehearsal, the day of the wedding. You do not have to worry about it after that. Fr. Lenny will sign the license and ensure that it gets registered with the state for you. He will also maintain an archive of your wedding documents.                                                                                           NOTE: A wedding can not occur without a valid license.


     Wedding ceremonies in paid locations must be paid for by the couple, including any fees for the Officiate to park or enter, such as Theme Parks or Festivals. Any special setting that may require him to remain for hours after the ceremony may also incur additional costs, depending on the amount of time required. 


     If travel is expected out of the area, the bride and groom are expected to pay all hospitality and transportation expenses for the Officiant. (Distances are From Fr. Lenny's home in Taunton to the Venue, one way).

Any Weddings between over 30 miles (from Taunton) may incur an additional charge of $ 1.00 per Mile!                        For Example: A venue 60 miles from Fr, Lenny's Home, may incur a travel fee of  $ 60.00

Any Weddings over 120 miles (from Taunton) are welcome, but may require an overnight stay and incur additional costs. That can be discussed at the Consult. NOTE: Travel fees may be waived, if a room is provided for Father Lenny, the night before the ceremony. Subject to prior agreement.

Pre-Cana/Pre-Marital Counseling

     Father Lenny offers Counseling for Any Couples who would like to go thru the program for $250.00.  It consists of (2) 2-hour visits and a final 1- hour visit. During the visits, you will talk about all aspects of marriage (including: Finances, Jobs, Families, Chores and of course Sex). You also focus on any issues you may have, or have concerns about, as a couple and have homework (together and separately) to identify any incompatibilities. ANY Topis is open for Discussion. 

Ceremonies at The Reverend Father's Home

     For a lovely, but simple ceremony, Rev. Fr. Lenny's Home is available for $200.00 the fee of which must be paid in full before the Ceremony may begin. The wedding must be limited to the Bride & Groom and no more than (15) additional persons, including guests.

Contact Information

     Please contact Rev. Fr. Lenny about any changes or cancellations and keep him well informed as to your plans. Specific information will be provided to let him know how to contact the Bride & Groom if it becomes necessary. Please be sure he has your phone number and contact information as soon as possible in case of any changes or questions.

Rev. Fr. Lenny's E-Mail Address:

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